Fiek Steendam


Where did it all start for you?
My affinity with nutrition started in the years after high school. I started experimenting with different flavors and cuisines. That is why I started studying Food & Innovation at HAS University of Applied Sciences. After my studies, the position of Recruiter at Green People Recruitment caught my eye and it immediately appealed to me. This is because I can use my qualities, such as helping candidates to find the right vacancy.

What is your personal ambition?
To help people find a suitable job, I want to expand my food network. In addition, I want to keep learning about the different aspects of the profession; recruiting and interviewing, but I also want to broaden my knowledge of the Food & Agro field.

And do you still have time for hobbies?
In my spare time I enjoy cooking with friends or family, from Indonesian to Middle Eastern dishes. In addition, I really enjoy photographing these dishes. Other hobbies are taking a nice walk and traveling with the camper.

Inactive jobs:

Fiek  Steendam
Name: Fiek Steendam
Cell phone: (077) 3557 245
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